Pirate Gold

"Pirate gold is the devil’s gold, Such are the stories I have been told.
I sold my soul for the devil’s gold,
Pirate treasure has me in it’s hold,
I spent my days in search of pirate gold."

A collection of traditional sea-songs and songs about pirates and pirate lore, along with several original compositions.

Song samples: Henry Martin  Oró! sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile  Pirate Gold  The Reluctant Pirate  Sea Queen of Connemara  The Sea Gypsy

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The Songs
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1.  The Reluctant Pirate (Mick Hanley)
2.  Pirate Gold (Espinoza)
3.  The Wind From the West (Espinoza/Butler)
4.  Captain Ward & the Rainbow/
     Ned Coleman's (traditional)
5.  Shifty Morgan (Sierra)
6.  Eanach Chúin/
     Oró! sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile (traditional)
7.  Henry Martin (traditional)
8.  The Wild Barbary (traditional)
9.  Seafaring Men (Espinoza)/
     Three Sea Captains/One-Legged Man
10. Sea Queen of Connemara (Espinoza/Butler)
11. The Bold Princess Royal/
      Byrnes Hornpipe (traditional)
12. The Sea Gypsy (Sierra)
13. Pillaging, Plundering Pirate (Espinoza)

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