Pirate Gold
recorded at SixCat Studio
in Sheridan, OR, May/June, 2007.

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The Bold Princess Royal
© 2007 by Golden Bough
Forest Moon Music, BMI, all rights reserved

On the first day of February we sailed from the land,
On the bold Princess Royal bound for Newfoundland,
We had forty bright seamen in our ship’s company,
So boldly from the Eastward to the Westward sailed we.

 We had not been sailing scarce days two or three,
When a man from our masthead strange sails he did see,
They come bearing down on us to see what we wore,
And under her mizzen black colors she bore.

“Great God,” cried our captain, “What shall we do now?
Here comes a bold pirate to rob us I know.”
“Oh no,” cried our chief mate, “that shall not be so,
We will shake out our reef boys and for harbor we’ll go.”

Then up-spoke the pirate as he came alongside,
Through a loud speaking trumpet, “Whence from you?” he cried,
Our captain being aft boys he answered him so,
“I am come from fair London and I’m bound for Cairo.”

“Then heave up your foresail and lay your ship to,
For I have a message to send home by you.”
“Yes I’ll heave up my foresail, I’ll lay my ship to,
But will be in some harbor and not alongside of you.”

They chased us to the Eastward all night and all day,
They chased us to the Westward but made no headway,
They fired shots at us but none did prevail,
And the bold Princess Royal soon showed them her tail.

“Thank God,” cried our captain, “The pirate is gone,
Go down for your grog boys go down every one,
Go down for your grog boys, be of good cheer,
For while we’ve got sea room bold lads never fear.”

Copyright ©
1998 - 2007

by Golden Bough, Inc.