Pirate Gold
recorded at SixCat Studio
in Sheridan, OR, May/June, 2007.

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The Reluctant Pirate
(words & music by Mick Hanley)
© by Mick Hanley

Come listen to me sailors, to this tale I do report,
Beware of roaming pirates who will plunder any boat,
I left my lovely Nancy for to sail the ocean blue,
When I was taken prisoner by a wild and wicked crew.

The mist was down upon us when they took us by surprise,
Our men they fought most gallantly and some did lose their lives,
The pirates gained the upper hand and took me captive then,
Along with captain Johnstone bold and fourteen of our men.

And manyís the man thatís wounded and the captain sorely vexed,
He cursed and swore at sick and sore all scattered on the decks,
Stand fast you British seamen, for desertion you will die,
And he fainted from a bullet wound and on the deck did lie.

Upon the mourn the ruffian gang did drag me to his door,
With vengeance in their wicked hearts, revenge upon me swore,
The captain he being pressed for men a chance he gave to me,
Would care to go a-sailing on the wild and briny sea?

I joined with this marauding gang as you must understand,
Not wanting to be drownded at this cruel captainís hand,
And often times to save my life some honest man I slew,
And better that then to be dead beneath the ocean blue.

And now Iím waiting for my chance to gain my liberty,
Along with my fine comrades and weíll go no more to sea,

I oft times think of Nancy and the life we had begun,

Iíll sail back home to join her when this pirating is done.

Copyright ©
1998 - 2007

by Golden Bough, Inc.