Pirate Gold
recorded at SixCat Studio
in Sheridan, OR, May/June, 2007.

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The Wind from the West
(words & music by Paul Espinoza & Margie Butler)
© 2007 by Golden Bough
Forest Moon Music, BMI, all rights reserved

When first I did see him in jacket so fine,
I vowed and I prayed that some day heíd be mine.
A poor sailor lad did my father protest,
So he sailed off once more on the wind from the west.

I donned cap and jacket and tied up my hair,
I posed as a sailor, though handsome and fair,
I wore sailorís britches I bound up my breast,
To put out to sea on the wind from the west.

But the captain was cautious, his resolve was steadfast,
So handsome a young lad is surely a lass,
Iíll not be the one to be held all in jest,
I was left on the shore with the wind from the west.

Now men of great wealth came aícourting my hand,
Promising riches and houses and land,
Iíll have not of their silks, though they be of the best,
Iíll wait on the shore with the wind from the west.

A letter came for me one day from the sea,
My Johnnyís hard trouble has kept him from me,
But though he be poor, Iíll say no to the rest,
Iíll wed when he returns on the wind from the west.

My Johnnyís ship suffered from fierce winds and reefs,
Then pirates overcame him all on the high seas,
So now he is with buccaneers of the best,
He sails pirate waters with the wind from the west.

Sometimes I wondered as I walked alone,
Would Johnny come back to make me his own,
But a true love was burning so deep in my chest,
I waited his return on the wind from the west.

As he did promise one day he sailed in,
On a bold pirate ship with 100 strong men,
They brought gold and riches and wines of the best,
And the pirates sailed away on the wind from the west.

He vowed he would evermore stay by my side,
And if I would have him heíd make me his bride,
All that you want now is at your request,
No longer will I sail on the wind from the west.

Copyright ©
1998 - 2007

by Golden Bough, Inc.