Sun & Shadow

Based on the works of Mercedes Lackey, "The Sun & Shadow Song Cycle"
could be considered "Tales from the founding of the Kingdom of Valdemar."
Taken from various books by Mercedes, this CD tells the tale of Sunsinger and Shadowdancer.
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Released by Firebird Music.

All music by Paul Espinoza; Lyrics by Paul Espinoza, except (*) Lyrics by Mercedes Lackey

Mp3 clips:
  /  How Could I Have Known  /  A Love That's Meant To Be  /  On Her Wedding Day  /  Another Morning's Birth

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The Songs
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1)   Valdemar (Espinoza)
2)   I Found a Land
3)   Two Young Fools - part I
4)   How Could I Have Known?
5)   Two Young Fools - part II
6)   A Lovely Young Man
7)   Two Young Fools - part III
8)   *Sun & Shadow
(Lackey -Espinoza)
9)   *Meetings
(Lackey -Espinoza)
10) *Windrider Unchained
(Lackey -Espinoza)
11) A Love Thatís Meant to Be
12) Two New Heralds
13) On Her Wedding Day
14) Another Morningís Birth


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