Sun and Shadow

recorded at Pacificat Studios in Pacifica, CA
and  SixCat Studio in Sheridan, OR.

Released by Firebird Music

Two Young Fools
words & music by Paul Espinoza
© 2006 Firebird Arts & Music, Inc. &
Forest Moon Music, BMI, all rights reserved

Part A

Two peculiar different stories,
Such completely matching fools,
Arrogant, young, imprudent,
Living by nobody‘s rules.

Magic is so often clever,
Magic is not always kind,
In this enchanted endeavor,
These curses, they’ll hold them and bind.

Tempt the darkness, court the night,
Unkind selfishness has caught them in this plight.

Part B

A curse to fit a child’s demeanor,
Causing her to sleep all day,
Waking when the sun has vanished,
She’ll never feel his warmth that way.

Yet here comes another rascal,
A lesson he may also learn,
Can he lose his scorn for others,
Or will he be punished in turn.

Nighttime shadow, sunless moonlight.
Neither shines without the others light.

Part C

The brash young man and proud young woman,
Each have shown their honest worth,
Each will bear the sheer misfortune,
The burden of a secret curse.

Living in the world of shadow,
She’ll never see the cheerful sun,
And he will only be awakened
When nighttime has parted and gone.

Sun and shadow, day and night,
Child of darkness, child of light.

Copyright ©
1998 - 2007

by Golden Bough, Inc.