Sun and Shadow

recorded at Pacificat Studios in Pacifica, CA
and  SixCat Studio in Sheridan, OR.

Released by Firebird Music

words & music by Paul Espinoza
2006 Firebird Arts & Music, Inc. &
Forest Moon Music, BMI, all rights reserved

There was a time when magic ruled the world,
There was time of sorcery,
There was a time when dreams were commonplace,
A time of myth and wizardry;
Hearken now, lend your ears to me,
A wondrous tale I will to thee.

There was a land like so many before, full of fear and misery.
        Living in shadow, an evil on this place, living in dread and poverty.
There was one who looked upon his clan, they deserve a better life,
So he led them far from that darkened land to a new home where they could survive.

A city was built that shone out like the sun, a city of reason, a city of light,
         Thus was born the city of Haven, governed by virtue and by right.
And they called their kingdom Valdemar
Valdemar, Valdemar,
They called their kingdom Valdemar, Valdemar,
They called their kingdom Valdemar.


1998 - 2007

by Golden Bough, Inc.