Sun and Shadow

recorded at Pacificat Studios in Pacifica, CA
and  SixCat Studio in Sheridan, OR.

Released by Firebird Music

Sun and Shadow
words by Mercedes Lackey
music by Paul Espinoza
2006 Firebird Arts & Music, Inc. &
Forest Moon Music, BMI, all rights reserved

"What has touched me, reaching deep, piercing my ensorcelled sleep, 
Darkling lady, do you weep? What is the cause of your grieving?"
"Why do tears of balm and bane, bathe my heart in bitter rain?
What is this longing, why this pain? What is this spell you are weaving?"

"Sunlight Singer, morning's peer, how I long for what I fear!
Not by my will are you here, how I wish I could free you!
Gladly in your arms I'd lie, but I dare not come you nigh,
For if you touch me I shall die, if I were wise I would flee you.

"Shadowdancer, dark and fell, lady that I love too well,
Won't you free me from the spell, that you have cast around me?
Star-eyed maid beyond compare, mist of twilight in your hair,
Why must you be so sweet and fair? How is it that you have bound me?"

"In your eyes your soul lies bare, hope is mingled with despair;
Sunborn lover, do I dare trust my heart to your keeping?
Sunrise means that I must flee, moonrise steals your soul from me;
Nothing behind but agony, nothing before us but weeping.

Sunsinger and Shadowdancer:
"Sun and Shadow, dark and light; child of day, and child of night.
Who can set our tale aright? Is there no future but sorrow?
Will some power hear our plea, take the curse from you and me,
Grant us peace, or set us free? Dare we to hope for tomorrow?
Is there no future but sorrow?"

1998 - 2007

by Golden Bough, Inc.