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The soothing tones of the harp have long been  considered magical and many have found it to be a salve for the soul. Margie Butler makes this more than evident on her recordings;
Celtic Lullaby
, The Magic of the Celtic Harp, vol. I and
The Magic of the Celtic Harp, vol II,
Lure of the Sea Maiden

Photo: Irene Young

On her recordings, Margie performs songs and instrumental pieces from the Celtic lands of
Ireland, Scotland, Wales, The Isle of Man
and French Brittany.

  Margie can also be heard as a guest musician
on the Linda Ronstadt recording,
Dedicated to the One I Love.

Of Margies's 3rd CD, Derek Bell of
 The Chieftains had this to say:
"Unbelievably refreshing ...  all played so well.
Like a breath of fresh air,  very, very welcome."

Margie Butler
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The harps that Margie plays are based on the ancient
harps of the Celtic lands. These harps were carried by
the harpers throughout the countryside, bringing music
and tales to the people. In much the same manner,
Margie tours worldwide with Golden Bough, bringing
this music to the modern audience.  Included in her CD
and concert  repertoire are pieces from the renowned
Irish harper, Turlough O'Carolan; who combined the traditional music of his country with the Baroque music
that was popular during his time.  She also sings many
of the old ballads and tales set to music,  as well as
providing her own compositions to her harp CDs.

An ancient Irish legend tells of the magical harp Uaithne, who gave birth to three children
symbolizing the three types of music played on the harp. With the birth of the first child, Goltrai, she played the song of weeping. As Geantrai,
the second child was born, she played a tune of
joy and laughter. Upon the birth of the third child, Suantrai, Uathne was tired and so played the
lullaby to soothe herself and the children to sleep. Featuring vocal and instrumental pieces from Ireland and Scotland, and using the natural musical settings
of the Celtic harp, these magical forms are brought
to life by Margie Butler.

(From the CD Celtic Lullaby)


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Fylde Folk Festival, England (1986)
Photo: Roger Liptrot

Harp Lessons
Are you interested in
learning to play the harp?
Margie teaches out of her studio
in Modesto, CA, but she also
offers lessons in Pacifica, CA
 and in Northern Oregon.
However, since Golden Bough travels to different areas, contact Margie and she may be able to arrange a lesson or two in your
area whenever she is on tour there.  Contact Margie at
or at (209) 572-1715 or 
(503) 843-8152.

What the reviewers are saying about Magic of the Celtic Harp

"What an alluring instrument is the Celtic harp. The lightness of tone and gentleness of sound makes it an enduring instrument, despite having been forbidden in its native country for over 300 years. Margie Butler presents us with a charming selection of both traditional and original pieces, with Scottish, Irish and Welsh music all well represented. Her playing is relaxed and more than competent, and on those tracks where mandolin, violin and accordion visit, the blend is indeed magic. Of particular beauty is "March of Rhudlands", and "I Will Leave this Country".                                                                            Ambience, Australia

"This lovely instrumental collection beautifully captures the enchanting sound of the Celtic harp and the gentle lilt of Celtic music in all its magic. The lyrical melodies of The Magic of the Celtic Harp remind me of green meadows, fairies and nature spirits."                                                                                                                                              Anne Thiel, Mountain Luminary

"I premiered it and immediately received several inquiries on it. Our audience really eats this up!  It's been playing many times, and, although we don't track rotation, if we did, this kind of response would be considered HEAVY!"  WVIF, Roanoke, Virginia

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