The Magic of the Celtic Harp

Instrumental music from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, The Isle of Man and Brittany,
played on the Celtic harp;
with violin, penny-whistle and guitar.

"It's wonderful! It's so good that it has been on since I've received it.  There is so much Celtic music
out there, but this one really stands out."                                                           WOBO, Cincinnati, Ohio

Audio clips:  Marsh of Rhudlands - mp3  /  Marsh of Rhudlands - ra
Is TruaGan/Cuiachim - mp3  /  Is TruaGan/Cuiachim - ra

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     The Songs:
1.   False Love
2.   Parting of Friends
3.   Mary, Young and Fair
4.   The Knight's Blessing
5.   Marsh of Rhudlands
6.   Is TruaGan/Cuiachim
7.   Mrs. McDermott's/
      Planxty George Brabazon
8.   I'll Go no More to Yon Town
9.   Limerick is Beautiful/Kilcash
10. Siege of St. Malo/
      Flitter Dance
11. I Will Leave This Country
12. Carolan's Draught
13. The Maid from the
       Parish of Penderyn
14. Pointe du Van
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The Magic of the Celtic Harp, vol 2, Lure of the Sea Maiden

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