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    2007 has become a very full year, with two recordings already released, several concert performances, visiting friends and family and
    dropping in on Nina (photos) whenever we're in her area.

January & February were spent preparing and recording the music for The Jug of Punch.  Having spent several years performing in Irish
    pubs all over the San Francisco Bay area (The Plough and the Star, The Starry Plough, ) we were well acquainted with the popular pub
    songs being performed in these venues during the eighties.  So we thought it would be fun to go back to those songs and do a whole CD
    of them.  The style is based on The Clancy Brothers, The Dubliners and the other Irish vocal groups that inspired us when we were first
    getting our start.  In the short time since it's release, The Jug of Punch has turned out to be a very popular recording, with glowing
    feedback from fans all over the world and enthusiastic response to the songs when we perform them in concert.  It seems like anyone
    who loves Irish music remembers those songs and the good feeling they bring.

March ~ We started off the month of St. Patrick with a return to our favorite Celtic festival, The Calaveras Celtic FestivalSpending the
    weekend performing and hanging out with some of our favorite musical friends (Tempest, Wicked Tinkers, Black Irish Band) is always
    a good time!  We had a great St. Patrick's day weekend with concerts at St. Mary's College, The
Sunnyvale Performing Arts Center
    and The
Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre.  Before ending off the month and heading back North, we made a guest appearance at 
    "Lief's Big Five-O Birthday Bash" at Ashkenaz in Berkeley.  We joined Lief for a re-union set from The Golden Bough 1986 (Winding
    Road) trio line-up.  Everybody had a splendid time.

April, May ~  After a few weeks at home (with a few school assembly programs and Margie back teaching music part-time at The Delphian
    School), we once again trekked southward to California to perform at The Sacramento Valley Scottish Games and Gathering, sharing
    the stage this time with our favorite Irishman, Seamus Kennedy.  We put quite a few miles on the ole tour van going back home to
    Oregon and returning yet again to California in May, this time for The Livermore Scottish Games, where we shared the stage with
    Tempest and a band from Scotland, Box o' Bananas.  As you can imagine, we had a rousing good time!  Back in Oregon at the end of the
    month, Paul played one of his Oldies, Irish and Good-time Music shows at The Coelho Winery in Amity.  This is Paul's opportunity to
    play songs from the fifties and sixties, old country and folk music, blues, originals and whatever else pops into his musical mind.

    The best part of May was toward the end of the month, when we had the idea to create a CD of songs about pirates and pirate lore.
    From the moment of its inception until the last note was recorded, Pirate Gold was a whirlwind of creativity.  Songs were written and
    collected at the end of May and we spent the first couple of weeks of June recording and mixing the CD.  Pirate Gold was officially
    released on June 30, only 5 weeks from concept to having the product in the listener's hand!  Creating the music in such a short time,
    writing and arranging 7 news songs, along with 6 others (plus several tunes mixed into the arrangements) was very unusual.  However,
     Pirate Gold is perhaps the most satisfying recording we have made to date. 

June and July found us once more traveling down to California for the first leg of our summer tour, with concerts in Pacifica, Mt Hamilton
    (at the Lick Observatory), Benicia, Sierra City, Winters, Angels Camp and ending off that leg of our summer tour at The Dunsmuir
    Games in Oakland.  We ended the month of July back in Oregon and Washington with concerts in Bandon, Coos Bay, Reedsport and
    Olympia.  We have more concerts in August, so keep an eye on our
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