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Video clip of Black Jack Davy

In January of 2005 Golden Bough celebrated 25 years as touring and recording artists.
This live recording presents some of Golden Bough’s most requested songs from the last 25 years.

Margie Butler; vocals, Celtic harp, penny-whistle, recorder, bodhran
Paul Espinoza; vocals, guitar, octave-mandolin, mandolin, accordion
Kathy Sierra; violin, viola, vocals
Lief S
ørbye; vocals, acoustic twin neck mandolin-mandola , dumbek
Florie Brown; violin
  ~  Margot Duxler; violin  ~  Sue Draheim; violin, viola
Richard Ferry; Irish flute, bones, bodhran, guitar

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The Songs / CD
1.  Country Life (traditional)
2.  John Barleycorn (traditional)
3.  My Little Boat (traditional)
4.  The Blind Harper of Lochmaben (traditional)
5.  The Power of the Harp (Butler/Kjellman)
6.  All Across the Green* (Espinoza)
7.  O'Carolan's Draught (Turlough O’Carolan)
8.  Black Jack Davy (Espinoza)
9.  The Blarney  Pilgrim/
      The Merry Blacksmith (traditional)
10. Riders of the Sea (Espinoza)
11. The Highland Soldier (traditional)
12. Mursheen Durkin (traditional)
13. The Colleraine Jig / Shark’s Favorite /
       Far From Home /
       Maids of Mt. Cisco (traditional)

14. Little Lizzie (Espinoza)


The Songs / DVD
1.  Country Life (traditional)
 2.  Mairie’s Wedding (traditional)
3.  John Barleycorn (traditional)
4.  My Little Boat (traditional)
5.  The Blind Harper of Lochmaben (traditional)
6.  The Power of the Harp (Butler/Kjellman)
7.  All Across the Green (Espinoza)
8.  Wee Jack (Espinoza)
9.  O'Carolan's Draught (Turlough O’Carolan)
10. Black Jack Davy (Espinoza)
11. The Blarney Pilgrim /
       The Merry Blacksmith (traditional)
12. Riders of the Sea (Espinoza)
13. The Highland Soldier (traditional)
14. Zingaro (Espinoza)
15. Mursheen Durkin (traditional)
16. The Colleraine Jig/Shark’s Favorite/
       Far From Home/ Maids of Mt. Cisco (traditional)
17. The Song of the Fisher Lassies (Ewan MacColl)
18. Little Lizzie (Espinoza)
19. The Wizard (Espinoza)

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