From the Golden Bough recording,
Christmas in a Celtic Land,
recorded by John Altman at Sac Trax Studios
in Sacramento, CA and first released
on the Golden Bough Music label in 1996.

Another Christmas Morning
1996 - 2004 by Paul Espinoza,
Forest Moon Music, BMI, all rights reserved

- 1 -
When white the hills are growing and snow is on the leaves,
Listen to the calling of Winter on the breeze,

Logs are on the fire brightly cheering up the hall,
And all about the family is gathering one and all.

- Chorus -
Christmas in the morning when the air is crisp & clear,
gathering to welcome in the closing of the year,
Christmas with our families, a smile and a tear,
I wonder why this love can't fill our hearts throughout the year.

- 2 -
From far away we journey, longing to be there,
To bring a laugh and share a cup and put aside our cares,
Songs are in our hearts and gentle memories on our tongues,
And all about the special warmth of Christmas has begun.

- Bridge -
Then high above a star shining in the night,
radiant her beams reach out their light,
To touch the hearts of those lifting up their sight,
every eye is filled with the same light.

- 3 -
Then all about the joyful sound of chiming Christmas bells,
Echo through the valley & ringing from the hills,
We remember long ago this promise, spoken true,
To come together every year our kinship to renew.


1998 - 2004

by Golden Bough, Inc.