1994 - 1997

Line-up: Paul Espinoza, Margie Butler, Florie Brown, Richard Ferry

1993 found the band once again expanded to a quartet, with the addition of flute player Richard Ferry.
During this year the recording "Kids at Heart" was made.
Golden Bough was joined in the studio by several children, who lent their voices to the recording.

kids.jpg (45833 bytes)    Kids 2.jpg (58816 bytes)    Kids 3.jpg (63235 bytes)
Recording "Kids at Heart" & outtakes from CD cover photos.

onion2.jpg (42903 bytes)
With the "Onion" mascot
at the Onion Festival
in Vacaville, CA

Lizzie.JPG (75944 bytes)
"Little Lizzie"

with Richard2.jpg (55113 bytes)
Promo shot from 1994

During these years a member of a different sort joined Golden Bough.
Nina Black, who had been listening to the band's music with her children almost as long as Golden Bough had existed,
arranged for the band to perform at her daughter's school.  Arranging the assembly was an enjoyable experience for Nina
and she was soon setting up school assemblies all over the Central Valley in California.  One thing lead to another,
and before long Nina had become Golden Bough's full time manager.  This proved to be a major change for the group,
as the quality and quantity of performances noticeably expanded.

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