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Margie along a path lined with Celtic  crosses near the roundhouses. Roman arch
 from 2 BC
 in the village of Medinaceli.
Jamming with
Maury Richmond
at his hilltop home in Medinaceli.
A monument to
Galician pipers
along the road to Pontevedre.
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One of the reconstructed roundhouses amidst
the ruins of the ancient Celtic village on
 Monte de Santa Tecla
A young pandereta player!  The daughter
of two wonderful folk musicians with whom
 we jammed when we were in Cantabria.
Margie along the
coast in Cantabria.  This is within walking distance of where we spent our time in this beautiful province.
Margie and Jacqueline, our traveling companion and herself a  harper,  with Spanish harper Javier Sainz.

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