The Boatman's Daughter
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"Haunting Celtic melodies and song are presented on an appealing CD which is a highly recommended pick
for any listener of Celtic music. This is a gorgeous presentation which highlights the group's skills at
 presenting lively Celtic tunes.  Fans of Celtic music will love it."       Reviewer's Bookwatch, January 1998

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Black Jack Davy  *  Down by the Greenwood  *  The Parting Song
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The Songs
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  1.  Black Jack Davy
  2.  Riders of the Sea
  3.  Witch of the West-mer-lands
  4.  Fog on the Bay
  5.  Down by the Greenwood
  6.  Across the North Sea/The Tater Polka/
       Farewell to Coosbania
  7.  Follow Me Down
  8.  The Blind Harper of Lochmaben
  9.  Country Life
10. Flight of Fantasy
11. Milligan's Fancy
12. All Across the Green
13. Meeting With the Huldra
14. The Midnight Sun
15. The Blarney Pilgrim/The Merry Blacksmith
16. The Parting Song

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Album photo by Helen Eagan

"Although the instruments are superb, what really sets this group apart are the vocals,  harmonies are so tight
 that it's often hard to know how many are singing;  but the resulting sound is enchanting and breathtaking."
 Burt Meyer, Olympia Folk Arts & Music

"Between them they have produced an album of exceptional beauty - 
such is the quality and feeling of musicianship."
Mark Anstey, Taplas Folk Magazine, Wales

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