Sun and Shadow

recorded at Pacificat Studios in Pacifica, CA
and  SixCat Studio in Sheridan, OR.

Released by Firebird Music

A Love That's Meant To Be
words & music by Paul Espinoza
© 2006 Firebird Arts & Music, Inc. &
Forest Moon Music, BMI, all rights reserved

 Verse 1:
Among the many branches, upon the jeweled hills,
I heard your breathing, I saw you weeping, I felt you waiting still.

Verse 2:
And there I lay beside you and uttered not a sound,
I held you dearly, I felt you near me, I heard the mist come down.

Bridge A:
Many were the night times spent in silent dreams,
Wishing to see your face in the light,
Many were the hours spent remembering,
Recalling the wonders of the night.

Verse 3:
Beside the rippling water, as daylight turns to dusk,
I see your shadow, beneath the moon-glow, I long to feel your touch.

Verse 4:
Within a misty woodland, not so long ago,
I heard you singing; I felt your dreaming I longed to touch you so.

 Bridge B:
I first saw you standing on the edge of time, just before the sun greeted the day.
In my heart I heard you sing the ancient rhyme, just as moonlight faded away.

Verse 5:
I felt you close beside me, through the dreamy mist,
I longed to see you, I longed to free you, I longed to feel your kiss.

Verse 6:
Some day we’ll stand together and face eternity,
Until that dawn breaks, we’ll feel the heartache
Of longing passionately, For a love that’s meant to be.

Copyright ©
1998 - 2007

by Golden Bough, Inc.