Celtic Music from Ireland,
Scotland & Brittany


A compilation of songs from Golden Bough,
The Boatman's Daughter, Flight of Fantasy, Winter's Dance, Winding Road, Far From Home
and Beyond the Shadows.  These albums were all recorded in the 1980's and this collection is 34 of the most "Celtic oriented"
of the pieces from these recordings.

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Disc One:

  1. The Colleraine Jig/Shark's Favorite/
        Far From Home/Maids of Mt. Cisco

  2The Brewer Lad
  3. Farewell to Whiskey
  4. Country Life
  5. The Stolen Child
  6. One Morning in Spring/
Hunting the Hare
  7. John Barleycorn

  8. She Moved Through the Fair
  9. Breton Tunes
10. Song of the Swan Maiden

11. The Merchant's Son/Who Made Your Breeches?

12. Lullaby/Ma Chaora Bhan  (My White Lamb)

13. The Cold North Wind
14. The Carrion Crow
15. Follow Me Down
16. The Rattlin' Bog
17. Fond Farewells

Disc Two:

   1.  Song of the Fisher Lassies/Blast of Wind
   2.  Power of the Harp
   3.  Lady Owen's Delight/Eleanor Plunkett/
          My Bonnie Boy
   4.  The Calling of the Road
   5.  The Witch of the West-Mer-lands
   6.  The Blind Harper of Lochmaben
   7.  The Lark in the Clear Air
   8.  The Blarney Pilgrim/The Merry Blacksmith
   9.  The Last Leviathan
10.  Doue Lan a Vaedelah/Ar Serjant Major/Jan en Piet
11.  Logs to Burn
12.  Lovely Molly
13.  One Bottle More/Humors of Winter/ Apples in Winter
14.  Mairi's Wedding
15.  My Little Boat
16.  Black Jack Davy/The Drunken Sailor
17.  The Parting Song

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