Celtic Harp for Pets

It has been said that the harp is considered to be the most healing instrument next to the human voice.

Pieces have been compiled from earlier Golden Bough & Margie Butler harp recordings,
to create an album of soothing music to put your pet at ease.
Perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere for your pet, whether you are at home or away.

The Music

  1. Sleeps the Noon/We Brought the Summer with Us/
      The Song of the White Strand
  2. The Knight's Blessing
  3. Lullaby
  4. My White Lamb
  5. Limmerick is Beautiful/Kilcash
  6. Swans Among the Rushes
  7. My Little Boat
  8. Gaellic Lullaby
  9. I Will Leave This Country
10. The Window Pane/The Sweet Nightengale
11. Ellen Vanin
12. Pointe du Van
13. Morag's Cradle Song/The Water Kilpie
14. Manannan
15. Farewell on a Cold Winter's Day
16. The Hills of Ireland/The Willow Tree
17. False Love

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Wire & nylon harps, the harp psaltery and the Scottish "bray-pin" harp are all featured in this latest release from Margie Butler.

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