Hanging out Backstage
with Arlo Guthrie

We had already performed our set and Arlo was not due to perform his until the following day. He showed up backstage anyway, with guitar in hand and got a jam session going. Kathy, along with some of the other festival musicians, played along under the starry sky.

We (Paul & Margie) joined in later, as we were busy catching a magical set of Celtic music from Solas. We were able to grab Arlo for a quick photo.

This was one of those rare and wonderful weekends. Not only did we get to once
more enjoy the music of one of America's foremost folksingers, but to get the opportunity to meet someone who has inspired us for decades was a genuine thrill.

(Little known fact: Paul started using finger-picks after seeing Arlo in concert in the early 70's.)

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